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Kaye Dee Richards, Owner


Kaye Dee Krueger Richards received her B.Mus. in Piano Performance and M.Ed. in Music Education from Bob Jones University, where she studied with Alice Gingery and Lawrence Morton. Additionally, she has studied at Northern Illinois University with Naomi Zaslov, Donald Walker, and Annie Sherter. She has had thriving private piano studios in her home in Greenville, SC, Ellicott City, MD, Tampa, FL, Wilmington, NC, Ottawa, KS, and now in Morrison, Colorado; and is a member of several local and national professional music organizations. While at BJU, she studied harp and played frequently with the University Symphony Orchestra. After graduate work, Kaye Dee was able to study harp with Sonja Inglefield at the Peabody Conservatory. In addition, she continues to perform frequently with her students, her husband, and other professional musicians. Her many years of church music service has awakened her talent and love for arranging and composing, and she has written many sacred arrangements for piano, strings, voice, choir, harp and orchestra. Her husband and children are all accomplished musicians and minister with their instruments regularly in church. Her greatest privilege and accomplishment, however, is being a wife and the mother of four beautiful and highly talented children.

What I Teach

Private Instruments

  • Piano

  • Harp

  • Beginner Violin

  • Cello

  • Viola

Group lessons

  • Piano

  • Strings

    • violin​

    • viola

    • cello

"Music is the perfect culmination of all academic studies in an art form. Consequently, the study of music enhances academic learning. Music teachers tend to only emphasize the reading advantages that music lessons offer, but they give so much more than that! Math is clearly represented as the rhythm and note values make the student understand mathematics from a whole different perspective. History needs to be understood to know what musical styles must be represented in the music. English and literature enhance phrasing and climaxes of music, and Science is represented in all kinds of acoustic, physical and physiological aspects of performance. Then there are other studies that music helps that don’t need explanation: Art, Speech, Debate, Foreign language, etc. I love sports. In fact, my best musician students are excellent athletes. Music is physical and takes strength, coordination, and great breath support and control. Often, kids are directed in either sports or music, but rarely do both. I love it when kids have a balanced education in both sports and music. I encourage the renaissance way of teaching children because it nurtures the whole child in a way that makes them confident and successful. My goal is to make my students not only be successful in music, but to know that they are successful in music. Once I can get a student to understand their achievements, they become lifelong musicians. Music is a discipline, and a lonely one at that. I can only teach as successfully as my students practice and parents play a huge part in most students’ success. But once the student recognizes their God-given talent, the sky is the limit. I also believe in learning more than one instrument. The piano is very important; however, the piano translates into all other musical instruments. It is easy to see and hear the notes on the piano, most other instruments don’t have that. When a student learns piano to a certain level, and then moves on to another instrument, beautiful things happen faster because the basic musical foundation was laid. All to say, we at Inspire Music Arts are so eager to teach the students that God will give us! And we will have a lot of fun doing it."

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Teaching Philosophy

Kaye Dee Richards, teacher
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