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Our Goal

Our goal is to guide students in experiencing and achieving success in their musical training in a faith-based environment.


Above all, we emanate Christ's love through our teaching and instruction. We desire to be a leader in music education, and we strive to nurture not only natural talent, but also the development of self-discipline, concentration, and creativity for the Glory of God in every student.


Our owner, Kaye Dee Richards, has a unique teaching style that has allowed her to see many students through to musical success from beginning lessons to graduate degrees. Two of us now are her partners: Victoria Richards (Kaye Dee's daughter), and Taylor Worley-Glazier (Kaye Dee's former student). Between the three of us, we are able to offer piano, voice, harp, violin, viola, cello, guitar and flute. We also recognize the value of group lessons and classes for little ones and will be offering group lessons in piano and strings and Petite Academy for ages 3-5. We are confident our students will effectively learn proper technique, performance etiquette, and gain an appreciation for music and the gratification it offers.



Kaye Dee Richards and her husband, Colin, have been in ministry since the beginning of their marriage. They have been in senior, assistant, youth, college, and music pastoral roles in multiple churches across the country. Both Kaye Dee and Colin have graduate music degrees and continue to use their gifts for ministry.

As Kaye Dee supported her husband in these ministry roles, she taught music privately while raising her children and teaching them music as well. Each time God moved their ministry, Kaye Dee re-built her studio. Her teaching was sought after and her students were known for their excellence not only in competitions, but also in their church music ministry. To the parents appreciation, many of her former students still use their musical abilities today.


In 2008, the Lord retired Colin from formal pastoral ministry and set him on the path to start his own business. When the Lord blessed this business, blessed the mission foundation, and their children were old enough, she was led by the Lord to start a music school. She joined with her talented daughter, Victoria, and amazing former student, Taylor, in order to inspire children and young people not only to learn music but also to love music.

Our teachers

Our teachers are distinctive because they all have close relationships with each other. We have a mother-daughter, best-friends, and teacher-student team. Because of these relationships, they have similar teaching styles and collaborate well together. Kaye Dee has been able to train both Victoria and Taylor in teaching effectively and engagingly. Collectively, they teach 8 different instruments and are able to collaborate well with their overlapping skills. Each of our present and future teachers will be trained by KD to teach effectively and skillfully. Our students are our priority, and we will do our best to find and train teachers that have a similar love for music and our students.

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